Sunday, August 02, 2009

3D movie update

I've had a few folks as this me, and I guess I can't really blame them, but it would seem odd to me to have "In 3D" in the title of a movie and it not actually be a 3D movie. So yes, this movie, The Horrible Alien Brain Monsters From Outer Space in 3D, will really be in 3D.

No, I'll point out that this is not being shot in 3D, it's just a process. So it's not true 3D, it's sort of a fake 3D that kind of works and gives you the overal impression that it's 3D. I guess.

I'll also point out, I'm annoyed at several things, so all this is probably going to sound pissy.

I'd love to say so far this movie has been flying along perfectly and is going to be incredibly easy to make given how smoothly pre-production has been going. Actually, I will say it - but I will also be lying. Big time.

Nothing major or earth-shattering, just a lot of little snags and glitches and minor annoyances that are sort of taking the fun out of it just a little bit. Mainly the props are proving to be near impossible to track down without a lot of time and money, neither of which I have in abundance lately.

I think I've mentioned a couple of these things before, mainly the brains and the chainsaw prop. Well, I finally found a chainsaw to my liking, and here in Canada, it was pretty pricey but it looked awesome. It even had a rubber chain that would move. Well, $86 later and it turned out the damned thing was barely a foot long. Would've been nice to have known this when I ordered it. I do partially blame myself on this.

Of course I could've asked, but I did mention to the person I purchased it from that I needed it as a prop for a movie. One would think logic would kick in and this person would've assumed that perhaps I might've been looking for full sized chainsaw - even if he'd had the slightest inkling of an idea he could've said something. I mean you spend that much money on an item you expect something pretty impressive, right? This thing looked barely worth $20. At least he'll except a return, but I'm still out half the price in shipping regardless.

Anyway I wrote the chainsaw out of the script yesterday so it doesn't matter anymore.

So now I'm paranoid that the brain props are going to be useless. It only took them a week to ship them - apparently because their website checkout wasn't working properly? You took my money right away, seemed to work fine then. Does your checkout also package and ship your stuff? I'm curious as to how that works. Regardless, they'll be here next week, I guess I'll find out the hard way if they'll be of any use.

Other then that, it's just been a lot of little things not working as expected - but perhaps it's these sort of things that makes a movie like this work in some way.

Luckily, on just the exact opposite side of all the little problems, my actors turned out to be willing to work around their insanely conflicting schedules. And they were almost all on time for our meeting yesterday. That always makes things run so much smoother.

The costumes are very nearly sorted out. I'm hoping to do a last check to make sure everyone has everything on Thursday, as well as doing a quick photoshoot for the poster.

Also one of the more difficult sets, Dr. Hammer's Lab, has proven to be slightly less difficult then originally expected. Turns out we have a couple contacts who might be able to get us into the space we want. We'll see.

All the other locations are randomly easy to find. Other then a few minor things, and one major thing - the Alien Brain Monster masks I'm still sculpting - we're pretty much ready to start shooting soon.

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