Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slowest Production Ever

I can't say I'm thrilled with how slow things are moving with the 3D movie. Of course, I can't blame anyone but myself or maybe just the situation.

I still have a bit to work out before I can fully jump into shooting again. I was really hoping these last 2 days would've seen things wrapped up - that's not the case. However, I can say I think I'm starting to see the end of things.

The biggest hangup has been the weapon used in the final scenes of the movie, I'm having major problems finding the parts I need - actually it's more like I'm having problems figuring out what I need. I'm hoping I've got it sorted out and I can get a rough assembly within the next few days.

Other then that, I've still no UFO prop. I just can't find anything the right shape. Here's where being able to use CG would make things so much easier, but I'm refusing to rely it. So I'm thinking I might just sculpt something - since size isn't an issue.

And lastly the masks. I think I mentioned they're done and ready for painting, it's the painting part that causing the problem. I've got an airbrush and a compressor - both work awesome. The problem is in finding the right paint locally. As usual, the one place that carries this sort of thing doesn't have the one thing I need. White paint.

I have some, but it's meant for more solid objects. I'm hoping after tomorrow's test that if it can't be used on it's own it can at least be used mixed with the proper paint. We'll see I guess.

Other then that, I guess things are going fine.

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