Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally some good news.

Not too major. I got the first Alien Brain Mask completed, although it needs another coat of paint to cover up the fact the paint I had doesn't work well with the latex rubber - and of course the paint I need doesn't exist on PEI at the moment, so I have to wait like a deranged Star Wars fan outside the one store that carries this stuff while only 2 bottles of this precious paint, apparently so rare because it's made from the eyeballs of unicorns or something, are coming next week and if I don't snag at least one of them I'm held up for god knows how long.

That was amusing.

Otherwise, I've finally made headway on the last big prop I'm making. While it still needs a lot of work, I've finally managed to fine some items that will work for me in assembling it. That sounds vague, doesn't it? Basically what I'm making is a 1950's Ed Wood version of a GhostBusters proton pack that runs on water. So I'm keeping it as simple as possible and making it look like it's really just an elaborate water tank delivery system - hi-tech stuff.

Otherwise, I'm also hoping to get into relooping dialog for the other two projects that remain in unfinsihed limbo. We'll see how that goes.

Here's hoping to more interesting new next week.

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  1. The masks look awesome... kinda look like bad guys from Dragonball Z. :P