Saturday, August 08, 2009

Alien Brain Monster Latex Masks

I'm partway done making the latex masks for The Horrible Alien Brain Monsters From Outer Space in 3D. Doing a cheesy Ed Wood style movie, I figured I'd need some good cheesy looking latex masks - best way to do that is to make them yourself.

I've never done this before, but I am getting pretty used to mold making and I've done quite a few prosthetics at this point, so I figured this can't be harder then that. And it's not really, just a lot more time consuming. the prosthetics I've had to sculpt were pretty small, a forehead or something like that. This is a whole head, so it's a lot more work.

I'm happy with the results, I wasn't going for something awesomely professional looking - doesn't really fit. So I wasn't too worried about the final quality, so long as it had a huge brain and looked alien.

Anywhere, he's some pictures to break down the sculpting process.

A head armature to start with.
Then the awesomely fun task of building up the clay.
I started heating up the clay with a heat gun after about an hour because it was really hard on the hands otherwise.

Almost done blocking it all out.
And here's the final base of it.
I started smoothing it out a bit to make it more workable and less messy. You can see the difference, one side is done, the other isn't.
And this is it nearly done. I was going to leave it at this then I was looking at it last night and thought it needed a little something else.
So I added some squiggly ripples on the brain...
And 25 some hours later, the Alien Brain Monster sculpture is done.
It took quite a while, like I said my first time doing something of this size. I think I went through 14 lbs of clay, a lot got scraped off during the sculpting process.

That's it for now, I reckon tomorrow I'll start in on the part I hate, getting ready to ruin it. The mold will be in two pieces, front and back. I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow and perhaps do my first mask on Monday, maybe even tomorrow evening if I feel up to it.

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    That looks soooo freakin' coool!!!