Thursday, August 06, 2009

Horrible Alien Brain Monster Progress

Had a bit of a photoshoot with most of the cast today, I say most because one of them couldn't make it last minute. Didn't effect things too much, I really just wanted to see how the cast is going to look and so far I'm pretty impressed.

Things are progressing really well, had few small setbacks if you recall me ranting about them last week - but it's all been pretty much worked out. And if all continues to go well, we should start shooting next week.

Anyway, here's the main cast:

Jaz Krautwurst as Susie and
Will Beckett as Dr. Jack Hammer
EmilyAnne Fullerton as
The Brain Queen
and her poorly photoshopped Brain Minions
Missing from today was Andrew Mooney as Lt. Edward Wood.

Still waiting on word back from one of the locations, still working on a couple props and that's it really. Hopefully this will prove to be a relatively quick and painless shoot.

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