Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I suck at keeping track of things.

I need a personal assistant or something. I can't pay, but you get half my stress - so that's something.

Everything seems to have come to bottleneck today, making me realize that I can't pay attention to everything at once. Funny how this comes after reading an article about how multitaskers make the worst multitaskers.

It's nothing serious, I just lost track of finances - such as they are when you're on EI - and lost track of time. While I've made awesome headway on Bimbo Zombie Killers! in the FX department, I totally forgot - well, I didn't forget, I just didn't know how little time I had - to get one of the main actors to come in to do their relooping before they left. She leaves tomorrow morning and is unavailable today. My fault totally. Ah well.

There's even 2 cutaway shots I still need to shoot, I can do them in my own yard, but still, the point is I forgot.

I finally got the paint to do the masks for the 3D movie, but I'm at a standstill on one of the locations and the backpack prop - and the more I think about it right now, there's a lot of other smaller elements I've forgotten about totally that need to be addressed before we shoot.

So I'm postponing the next 3 projects, the 3D movie, Grayson and Gortch (which was supposed to be next month - which is nearly here already) and Karl (which can be done whenever, but I haven't even given it much of a 2nd thought until now).

I'll leave you with a couple finished FXshots fom Bimbo Zombie Killers!

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  1. The stills for Bimbo Zombie Killers look great!