Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day on THABMFOS...in 3D.

I didn't feel like writing out the whole title. Sorry.

Today went great, finished in about an hour - not that this type of movie is all that hard to make. I guess if you wanted a very specific amateur, cheesy kind of feel you could spend some time, but I figure if I just rush and don't think too hard about what I'm doing it comes off just the right amount of clunky. I don't worry about lighting, shadows being cast, nothing - just set it up and shoot. It's going to suck a little going back to regular movie making after this.

I looked over the footage already and I'm really happy with it, EmilyAnne Fullerton played the Brain Queen and was able to give it just the perfect amount of cheese. I don't know how familiar with the genre she is, but she at least got the general idea. She did a fantastic job.

So a huge thanks to her for not being self-conscious in the ridiculous costume as we wandered outside across a very busy street to shoot a couple shots. Thanks to Derek Martin (aside from letting us shoot at City Cinema) and Tim Gormley for volunteering to operator the Brain Minions. Dangling a glowing rubber brain on a stick is the true test of a great actor or whatever. And Phil MacNevin, who came out to take some pictures, hopefully I'll see them soon, I'm sure they're awesome.

I managed to get a few pictures myself. And I'll be uploading a totally finished shot, by that I mean converted to Black and White (like that's really hard) and given the 3D treatment. So dig out your 3D glasses and see for yourself.

Tim trained for many years to operate a brain on a stick.
I'm a little disappointed the nylon string wasn't more obvious. It might be in the footage though, I haven't really looked too hard.
Probably the worst movie set ever.
The smoking bowl thing is kinda cool though.
And this was just too weird looking not to post.

And that's it for now. I'm going to look over the footage, we recorded for sound today since EmilyAnne is leaving PEI soon and I wanted this to be as painless as possible for her.

Now I've got to start in the on the latex masks, I have some pictures to upload later on that. I've a couple more props to build and we should be good to go on the rest of the movie.

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