Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Location Relocation.

There's 5 scenes and a couple shots left to shoot on Bimbo Zombie Killers! Had the weather been more agreeable we would've been a little further along and only had 3 scenes left - but that's the way it works. So we have the shoot out in Orwell coming up, I debated doing that then running everyone back into Vic Park to shoot the remaining scenes.

I changed my mind. I figure we can just shoot everything out in Orwell. I was out yesterday to scout the place and to make sure we had permission, I've shot there in the past without it - not knowing it was actually someone's property. This time, because there'd be a lot of people, I decided it would be best if I spoke to the owner and told him what I was doing. He seemed to this it was pretty amusing, so we're all good and we're free to shoot away out there.

That's a huge relief.

Now it's just up to the weather to hold out. The long range forecast is looking pretty much like last Sunday, slightly better though. At least we'll be sort of forested in so we might not get much where we'll be.

Anyway, here's some pictures of where we'll be shooting.

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  1. Ah... the memories. Orwell is the best place to shoot... EVER!