Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another awesome shoot.

Today was the 2nd day of filming on Grayson & Gortch. It was a short day, just one small scene. Spent more time doing the makeup then actually shooting, but the result was really good.

We had Draper Bulger as Mr. Eliah and John MacDonald as the teleporting twins, Thark and Thork. Most of the pictures were taken by Kim Johnston.

Draper and John getting ready.

Mr. Eliah poses.

Thork, Mr. Eliah and Thark.
Just a small part of The Eldritch Syndicate.
And now a couple still from the movie.

Mr. Eliah and his huge '80s cellphone.
Thark and Thork arrive.
Thork and Thark get ready to take out Gortch.
And that's it. I'm shooting again on Wednesday and hopefully again early next week and then a bit of a break while my two lead actors take vacations.

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