Monday, April 26, 2010

A Short Rant

This is one of those things that not specifically any one person's fault - but just plain old bad timing.

So far, Grayson & Gortch has to be the most nightmarish project I've ever tried to schedule. I want to very clearly point out right now that I'm not blaming any one individual or even a group - just pointing out the frustration at the utterly bad timing and total chaos of their collective schedules. It's truly awe inspiring how horrible this movie has been already to try to shoot.

Plus three of my actors are all taking consecutive vacations. Seriously, they all overlap by 1 or 2 days to end up with the entire month of May going by and unable to shoot with all three of them (and they're in 2 major scenes all together). I even had another actor drop out on me due to work.

So rather then just give up and be pissed off, I'm taking this extra time to work out some details which remain a little sketchy for the project. Originally I was doing pre-production on 2 at the same time, that isn't happening anymore. The other was pushed back to June 25th. So this just leaves me with more pre-production on a few key scenes.

Plus I want to build a crash mat, finish a couple prosthetics and redo one as well and even make a shoulder holster - got all kinds of time for that now. So hopefully this will be the big snag on this project and it means things will go smoothly once we're back up and running.

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