Monday, April 12, 2010

The Day After the First Day of shooting

The first day of shooting on Grayson & Gortch went pretty well, things started off potentially wrong - the night before one of my actors had a horse riding accident, I think she's fine, she just wasn't up for shooting. I wrangled myself a replacement and things started off well, got delayed but pretty much stayed on track for the remainder of the day.

I realized I really have to rethink shooting dialog heavy scenes. Not that there's anything wrong with them, I just have to develop more of a style that makes them feel a little less dead. I haven't even tried to edit it, so I could be wrong about that in this case. I just know I was thinking after I left the shoot last night that I'd wished I'd shot it handheld maybe, giving it more of a actiony feel to it. Might not've worked though, at least this way my footage is stable, handheld can just make things look very amateur if it's not handled right.

In any case, some pictures to break up the rambling:

The shoot was pretty light on props for once.

Evan Dickson and Derek Martin getting ready.
Evan was a last minute addition, huge thanks to him for stepping in.

Supernatural CSI.

Jonathon Driscoll...way too happy looking for a crime scene.

Don't drink the Red Kool-Aid.

Keeping the world safe from evil one
ODed Demon at a time...or something.

And then a little before we wrapped up, before 7, Aleshia Farrell showed up to start getting ready for her scene. I have to give her credit, this was her first time doing something like this and it couldn't have been a more strange experience for someone first time acting.

She played a stoned demon girl wandering about her swanky apartment in lingerie and eventually ODs. (The scene is our version of the opening of the first Lethal Weapon movie.) She was naturally a little nervous, but did a great job. She spent more time getting into makeup then shooting too.

Aleshia before.

Putting the prosthetic on.

Then Savannah Belsher-MacLean stepped in to do the makeup, it was her first time working around a prosthetic - otherwise she's quite used to doing normal makeup.

And then end. The seams are pretty noticeable in this picture, but they aren't in the footage, I find pictures usually are a little more severe in showing any flaws in the makeup. But it still looks pretty good.

Demons and Drugs don't mix.

And we were out right on time. I was pretty sore and tired by the end of it, mainly because of the floor in the location we shot in - I wasn't wearing shoes and the floor was just too hard or something, I don't know what it was.

Now some stills from the movie:

Opening titles

And now I've got a pile of work ahead of me this week - aside from movie stuff, so we'll see where things go from here. Off to a great start though.

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