Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nearly completed Troll Feet Props

I finally got the mold finished up yesterday, tried running the Flex Foam-it through and see what came out. It was a bit of a rough start. First of all the mold itself was an experiment - that actually worked. I made a block mold of the clay foot that I'd sculpted, which was tricky to pry from the mold but I did and it's pretty much intact too.

Since it had to be painted I knew I needed a better base coat then the natural white, so I got so dye - which works brilliantly. I was amazed how little was needed.

Tasty Troll Feet!

Then I had a problem with getting the liquid into the mold in time. The pour spout was too small, ruined batch #1. Tried to widen it, not enough, batch #2 no good either. So I cut a small air hole to allow air to escape better and it turned out not too bad, batch #3 usable, but not awesome. Since the mold is rather detailed, I was getting air pockets, not huge ones but enough to be annoying. I think I can patch them up anyway. So batch #4, nor perfect but pretty good.

Anyway, it's not painted yet - this is about 2 minutes after I pulled it from the mold and did a quick job trimming away the excess along the seam. I hope to get about a dozen of these bad boys. And for those interested, I will be selling them if I can get them a little more perfect.

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