Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Foamy goodness

I've been having issues with the current brand of foam latex I've been using. Now, I've heard (although there's always varying opinions) that each of the 3 brands, Monster Makers, Burman and GM are specially made - so the logical assumption would be they're slightly different from one another. The run times and instructions are definitely different for the Monster Makers and GM - I've no idea about the Burmans since the kit I used came with no instructions whatsoever, but using the same runtime as the Monster Makers worked fine.

This was the first time I've used the GM Foam and at first I was not impressed, it sort of worked but wasn't very foamy. And with each batch it just got worse. I couldn't really figure out why, it was just coming out runny - still usable, but not the best. I bought some Micad, it's supposed to give you some extra foaminess. And did it ever.

It was hard to figure though if it was just the Micad or the fact I turned the bowl a little faster while mixing. They say it's a really sensitive procedure so I'm assuming the speed of the bowl turning could be a factor since previously it was turning it much slower.

In any case, it appears to be working, I've got the first one baking away right now so I won't know for sure until about 3pm. Either way, I'm way more impressed with the quality of it now and I'm hoping this gets the prosthetic making back on track - I've got buttload to make for Grayson & Gortch and out of 5 runs of foam only 1 usable piece.


Well, it definitely made the foam softer and much more closer to where I'd like it to be...but it's too foamy now. That's to be expected since I'm still more or less testing. The problem with being too foamy is air bubbles tend to get trapped in the mold. At least I'm getting closer. I should have foam latex left to get all the prosthetics I need done. If not, at least it's not as cold anymore and I don't have to worry about heated shipping anymore.

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