Saturday, August 07, 2010

The 4th Batch...

Over 24 hours of mixing up foam latex and baking and and still absolutely nothing to show for it. I just finished up the 4th batch and while it's still not perfect, it's getting closer. Funny that while all last year I was doing this without a thermometer or a hydrometer things were turning out fairly well - not always perfect, but at least usable.

So, "Home Sweet Hell" has been also postponed, my 3rd project this summer to get postponed because of shitty circumstances. I was hoping to pick it up again next week, but after a quick round of message from the actors it was apparent it wouldn't happen. In fact it won't be happening for at least 4 more weeks now.

I will point out I'm not annoyed with any actors - that's a stupid and pointless reaction under circumstances like this. If I were to get pissed at actor for having lives, I'd be a pretty huge asshole.

So now I just have to try to keep things moving as best as I can and see what happens over the next couple months.

At least it would appear that in this last batch of foam, I was able to fill the molds I needed for a photo shoot tomorrow.

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