Monday, August 02, 2010

Home Sweet Hell - The Monkey Rodeo Web Series

As the title says, "Home Sweet Hell"  will be the project's first web series. It's a last minute kind of project and has come together really quickly. It centers around an odd family, the Lutzs - Vernon Lutz, the human father, Doris Lutz, his demon wife and Ricky Lutz, their half breed son. Much like "The Addams Family" and "The Munsters" it's a bit of a monstrous take on the typical 60s family sitcom, such as "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver" with a bit more of a darker sense of humour.

We film the "pilot" episodes of the sitcom this coming Saturday - barring any unforeseen circumstances. The pilot will simply be three 5 minute episodes, all one story to be released once a week. Hope to have them done relatively soon after the shoot.

Now if this all comes off as planned - we're doing this all in a one day shoot - then the plan is to further develop it into a full 12 episodes to be shot in January/February of next year. This is all depending on if we can actually do 3 episodes per day and the availability of everyone involved.

So that's it. That was the first official word about "Home Sweet Hell". We'll see how it goes come Saturday.

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