Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prosthetics available on eBay

While I'm having a few difficulties getting shipping and packaging issues sorted out with my online shop, I figured there was no harm in putting up a couple pieces on eBay. That was a hassle in itself, but after about 2 hours of troubleshooting and dealing with their "Identity Confirmation" support I was able to register as a seller.

It's hard to find them through a normal search, so I highly doubt they'll even ever be seen. That's something I've got to work out as well. These postings were for free, so unless I wanted to start paying some of the seller fees they'll probably only be seen by those who are really searching hard.

Also, I was pretty disappointed to hear back from Mostly Dead this morning. They're a reseller of prosthetics and props and whatnot. Not disappointed because they're not interested, they're very interested - just that I was too late in contacting them so I wouldn't be able to sell anything with them in time for Halloween. That really sucks. Kinda like if you're selling Christmas trees and you miss out on Christmas.

Funny, while I was writing this I made another attempt to just find my stuff on eBay through a normal search. Nothing, didn't even see anything of mine. I added one word to the title and it came up first on the list. Not too bad. They were originally listed as "Demon Prosthetic"  with the name of the demon or whatever, and I just added the word "Makeup" to the end, first in the search. Odd. Should look into how their search engine works.

And that's all three, on the first results page even in the US.

Otherwise, I've officially canceled "Breath of the Dead". I hate doing that, but it was just too expensive for me at the moment and given that we wouldn't be starting shooting for 2-3 more weeks, I couldn't see any possibility that it'd be done properly or in time. So it's been put onto next years schedule.

So I'm trying to muddle my way through shooting on "Grayson & Gortch" and we'll see how things pan out for "Home Sweet Hell" as well.

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