Friday, July 13, 2012

Bimo Zombie Killers! T-shirts

If you haven't check out the Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the BZK! web series, you might not know one of the perks for donating ($50) is a DVD and a T-shirt. The main idea was to simply do a "Bimbo Zombie Killers!" shirt and leave it at that, then I decided to add a little something to the actors wardrobe and make some t-shirts, so I'm offering those up as well.

The "BZK!" shirt will hopefully be red on black, haven't had much success printing with red so far though. The "Clarence" and "STJ" shirts will be black on a lighter colour, not just white. And finally the "Zombie Girl" will hopefully be white on black.

Aside from the "BZK!" shirt, these will all be featured in the series. So if you've got a couple extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket (how money does that without itself burning up, I've no idea), head over to the Bimbo Zombie Killers! Undead in the Water funding site and donate, when the time comes I'll check in and you can make your final choice as the what shirt you want.

Picture of the actual shirts will be coming as soon as we begin production.

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