Thursday, July 05, 2012

WIP The Morg'Shath Parasite Demon

Finally got around to redoing this bad boy. It was originally done for the book "The Secret Lives of Demons" as a last minute shoot, but the mould was in pretty poor shape was was destroyed after 1 or 2 pulls. After having seen it I also realized I wanted to mess it up a little more, the edges were a little too clean.

So I re-sculpted it and here we go:

This is just a few minutes before I began working on the negative mould, which turned out pretty damned well. I'll be master moulding it in silicone tomorrow and hopefully crank out the first one over the weekend and then another quick photoshoot and it'll be going online for sale.

Here's a shot of the original:
The main differences are just a little more lumpy, the edges are a bit more messy and I added two larger teeth. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same.

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