Thursday, July 19, 2012

Web Series Funding

We're slowly stumbling towards our goal. Thing is, I was really hoping to get more by now - not to dismiss what we've already received. So far it's been awesome. We've received enough to actually start filming.

I've got 10 zombie prosthetics made, various smaller pieces. A couple latex masks made - which I'm not really sure we'll be using aside from a couple scenes. I'm hoping to get to some other pieces this week, but scheduling has proved to be a huge task that's taking up a lot of my time.

I've got the whole script broken down now. Everything's cross referenced based on who we need, where we're shooting and what needs to be done before those sequences can be shot. Out of 12 shoots, I've got about 6 lined up. So far so good. But we're not out of the woods yet folks, we still need assistance.

We've already received a couple big donations, which put us over the top and got on on track. A huge thanks to everyone who has donated, regardless of the amount. While this might not seems like the most lofty of artistic endeavors - it's fun. If you like cheesy, campy zombie movies that has some respect by not insulting it's audience by just throwing crap at them (I think it's obvious we actually give a shit about what we're doing), you will more than likely enjoy this.

Here's the first two movies in case this is your first time here and you've no idea what I'm talking about. Both these movies were made with less than $500 each. We've got an opportunity to show that PEI isn't just about fart jokes, it's not an intelligent movie by any means, but at least it's different from the rest.

And I have a feeling I might insult some people with the "PEI isn't just about fart jokes" line, I'm not referring to anything or anyone in specific, so if you're offended - that's really too bad. If that's your style of comedy, good for you - but you really should have thicker skin if that's the case.

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