Friday, July 06, 2012

Mid year review of search terms.

Normally I do this once a year in Janurary, but this year there were a few weird ones I had to bring up sooner.

The top ten offered no surprises;
1. Severed finger
2. How to make a fake axe
3. Severed fingers
4. Zombie photoshoot
5. Fox Henderson (seems reasonable)
6. Severed thumb
7. Monkey Rodeo Project
8. Demon ears
9. Bimbo Zombie Killers 2
10. Make a fake axe

And many variations of severed fingers/thumbs of both male and female varieties. As well as axes and how to make them and again variations on anything resembling an axe. A surprising amount and variations about "Tibetan Fire Starters" Are they actually a real thing?

There was the usual round of people's names as well, mostly the females who've been involved in my projects.

Then there was the weird ones;

finger monkey - ??? I'm not sure I want to think about this one.

men hookers - really?

golems for sale - because most people have then, just not for sale I guess.

silicone male ass - come on, there's no need for that

casting bimbo - not sure I get it

june 22 monkey rodeo - while it might seem odd, I assume it's a date when a real monkey rodeo was happening
latex hooker - because real ones are so tacky
who the actor for thork - must be something for The Guild I suppose?
ape giving the finger - is that something you search for?
fingerfuck male - seriously?

"project bimbo" - sounds awesome to me

the zombie killer from the dawn - not sure if this is a complete search term or not

most power hallucinogen - glad this phrase landed them on my site

zombie hooker demons pei - seems a pretty good set of words to find my site, I guess

painting zombie voodoo halloween - another good random set of words

horned girls - you misspelled a word there I think

nasty hooker makeup - is that something anyone really want to see?

zombie killers online monkey - it's like someone heard parts of names for stuff I've done

a picture of a monster horrobale - nice spelling

really odd family pics - yup, you came to the right place

how to cure a delvian - you do know they're not real, right?

 putting on prosthetis is a pain in the ass - why do you need to search this? Were you looking for someone to agree?

casting fake guy - because real guys are too hard to cast these days

casting hookers - since they're already for hire, seems like something that'd be pretty easy to do

men with hookers - you do one "hooker" movie and look what you keep getting

addicted to love halloween costume - okay, this is awesome, but do you really need to search the internet for a costume?

movies with x ratings - something tells me I'm getting a bad reputation

 mold ass in silicone - just stop it!

cool forehead prosthetics - yeah, because searching for lame ones is...well...lame

female anus fingering - I apologize for this, but the hell did I ever do to cause this search to land on my blog?


how to sketch cronus - my suggestion is to find him and ask him to pose. Seems pretty simple.

weird deformed zombies - as opposed to the normal deformed zombies

pretty male fingers - something tells me I just shouldn't ask about this

fox henderson hookers - I am now a pimp, muthafucka

monkey head for sale - do they actually sell these online?

men eater monkey movie - sure...?

awesome paint job go kart - how? I've never even made a go kart

demon eyeball cake - hell yeah!

images of thugs with hammers - regular thugs, not so interesting - but give them hammers and suddenly that's awesome

werewolf girl makeup prosthetic - so a real werewolf girl in prosthetic make up or a girl in werewolf makeup?

ass silicone mold - again?

where is the next monkey rodeo - right here, bitches! No really, I bet my name annoys people sometimes

why do i have demon ears - because your father was a very curious man in his younger days

i'm giving you the finger - that's not very nice

man eats out hooker - not cool at all. Really someone searched for this?

And there was the usual assortment of demons, ears, fingers, axes, monkeys, halloween, prosthetics and so on. So far it's been a rather creepy year.


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  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Congrats on your newfound Pimpdom!
    This made me laugh a lot.
    Happy Friday.
    Kim B