Sunday, July 08, 2012

Zombies! Sort of.

Finally started in on sculpting some zombie prosthetics for the web series this summer. I'm planning on doing several of them as small pieces - as well, when they go online they'll be a bit of a mix and match sort of deal. I do as many of them as I can in one mould, saves time producing them in batches and cuts down on wasted mould materials.

Just waiting on some more supplies and I'll be cranking out the rest this week and them hopefully getting to master mould them as well.

In total there'll be at least 15 new zombie prosthetics being added to the online shop very soon, and if you're interested in a full collection of them, you can check out the Indiegogo page for the Bimbo Zombie Killers! Undead in the Water web series, for only a $150 donation you can get the whole set, as well as a DVD - they whole set will actually retail for over $300, so it's a bit of a deal and you're helping us out.

Here's the link:

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